The Jepson Group

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About the Jepson Group

Jepson & Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of number plates and number plate printing systems in the UK, Belgium, France and Ireland. Using our experience and innovative ideas to make number plate printing simple and easy, we are at the forefront of bringing thermal and laser printing to our customers via our unique, Merlin printing systems.

Jepson & Co Ltd was founded in 1894 originally making and printing aluminium signs and tags. Our connection with the motor industry developed through sign writing on vehicles, and the manufacture of number plates was a natural progression. Now into our fourth generation we are still family owned, the current Managing Director is the great-grandson of the founder, and is proud to head the oldest major number plate manufacturer in the UK and probably the World.

Our organisation has invested heavily in recent years in cutting edge, digital and automated printing equipment and has moved away from traditional litho and screen printing technologies. High quality number plates are now made in a fraction of the time formerly taken. Jepson & Co. Limited is also at the forefront of bringing the benefit of the latest plate construction methods and printing methods to its customers throughout the UK and Europe. Our software solutions for outlet based plate production are industry leading and are providing innovative security and traceability solutions for the UK enforcement and regulatory authorities. This combines with our longstanding relationships with World leading number plate raw material suppliers to allow us to provide innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers.

With a reputation second to none within the channels we operate in, the organisation is proud to include Blue Chip motor manufacturers, franchise dealer chains and national buying groups within its growing portfolio of customers in the UK, Ireland, Belgium & France. The Organisation’s success is in large part attributable to its focus on embedding Quality, Service & Value (QSV) into its products and services.