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The 1894 Sign Co.

Handmade, personalised and with no minimum order quantity, our 1894 Sign Co signs have been a huge hit with customers. Check out our stand at the British Craft and Trade Fair below for ideas!

Our stand at the British Craft Trade Fair
Happy Birthday Bunting by 1894
Happy Birthday Bunting by 1894

Established in 1894, the Jepson Group has been making signs for over 122 years.  Our expert craftswomen have adapted traditional signage and number plate manufacturing techniques to create The 1894 Sign Co range.


Personalised for you

Your choice of:

  • sign size or shape
  • background colour
  • text or message
  • punctuation options, including hashtags and '@' signs.
  • digit colour
  • border

and we will handmake your order to suit your exact requirements.

Bespoke colours available on request.


No minimum order

Each sign is made to be unique, so you can order one, or one thousand.


Traditional manufacturing by hand

Laying out digits, spraying and 'blocking off digits' to expose the digit colour is done by hand.


Made in Sheffield (as are all our products)

Arriving at our East Bank Road factory as a piece of 16 or 18 gage aluminium, each sign is transformed through our pressing, spraying baking and packing process.


Find out more

To find out more about The 1894 Sign Co, download our brochure or business card to contact Alison Box, Heritage Manager.