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Automatic record keeping

Jepson & Co's advanced PlateSync® software syncs number plate records to the cloud automatically so you needn't worry about RNPS legislation.

Automatic record keeping to DVLA standards

PlateSync® automatically keeps uploads the records of plate registrations printed, by whom and on what date and time.  No more record keeping problems!


Branch and user-level reporting

Authorised Personnel can view the number of plates printed, by whom, and when.  Users have individual logins to help manage stock and monitor plate making.

Part of a Group or responsible for multiple sites?  We can structure reporting to allow you control to view multiple sites.


Automatically download new approved artworks and showplate designs

PlateSync® automatically downloads new approved artworks and showplate designs.  This takes a matter of seconds and you can update your plate design instantly.


Secure data storage in the cloud

Cloud-based servers with high security stores your data off-site to minimise the risk of data loss.  Authorised Personnel can access the data whenever they need to.


Find out more

To find out more how PlateSync® could work for your business, contact your Account Manager.