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On-site plate printing systems

On-site plate printing systems

On site printing systems
Sizes and printer compatibility

Print any size of plate including lipped plates

Our range of Professional (thermal) and Graphix (laser) printers can print any legally permitted size or shape of number plate.  This includes lipped plates, which are ideal for boosting your branding.


Easy to use

Simple and user friendly software, printers and laminators make printing plates a breeze.  The whole process takes just a few minutes and you can choose your kit to suit your business.  Keyboards are best suited to busy environments prone to air-born particles, whereas software provides full flexibility and is best suited to an office environment.


Laser or thermal printing available

Thermal printers are robust and available in standard or multi-size print widths.  Laser printers are economical and cover the full range of sizes and shapes with a quick adjustment of the feed tray.


Print all details in one pass of the printer

All our printers are designed to make printing simple and easy for you.  You can print the registration, your artwork, your border (if wanted) and the British Standard mark in seconds.

Fully supported by our technical and account management team

Our team won the Platinum award for customer satisfaction in 2014-16.  We're there for you.

Find out more

To find out more about on-site plate printing kits, contact your Account Manager.