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Accessory Shop

As an independent business ourselves, we understand the importance of taking care of your customers. Our North-Wales based customer is one of the leading independent accessory shops in the area, and prides itself on exceptional customer service.

Plate personalisation options (flags, borders)

Personalisation is the biggest trend of the 21st century, and customers at this shop expect to be able to choose their own flag and border options.  We supply a range of CYMRU and GB flags as components for the shop to make on-site, plus and any regional flag with colour border as a made-up service.


Made-up service for odd-size plates

Our drop-ship service helps our customer handle enquiries for non-standard size or shaped plates.  They simply place the order with us, and we will deliver direct to the end customer for the same price as delivering to the store.


Free-of-charge marketing support, including:

  • poster range
  • flyers
  • sample plates and boards
  • stickers
  • image packs for their website

Technical support on demand 

Our experienced Technical Support team can talk you through any query you might have with creating, printing, or laminating your customer's plates.  We also send out service engineers to your site for training, servicing and more.


Find out more

To find out more about working with your motor accessory shop, contact us on or call 0114 2731151.