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Motor Factor

With the right approach and free promotional support, supplying number plates can be a profitable product line for many motor factor groups.

We work closely with an international group of motor factors, to make number plates a profitable and simple product in their extensive SKU range.


Promoting the number plate business

Promoting number plates is key to their success, so we provide all of the following marketing materials free-of-charge targeted to trade and retail customers:

  • flyers,
  • stickers
  • range of posters 
  • invoice paper pre-printed with the rear printed to promote plates
  • donations in support of nominated charities
  • freebies in support of charity day goodie bags
  • image packs for promoting plates on their website
  • sample plates
  • point-of-sale boards

All available personalised or plain.


Customer artworks

Focussing on trade customers, we help factors by guiding them through the process of creating (for free) and managing legal customer artworks for their customers.  We will even check DVLA's database for accuracy.


Visiting customers together

Where the opportunity is available, our Account Managers visit customers with you to build your number plate business in the local area.


Find out more

Our reputation amongst the factor industry is second-to-none and we use our experience to help you build factor number plate business day-to-day.

 To find out more about working with your motor factors, contact us on or call 0114 2731151.