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Home & Gift Retailers

We are delighted to bring our 1894 Sign Co range of personalised signs to home and gift retails. Handmade, British-manufactured and with a lifetime manufacturing guarantee, our signs are unique to you and have a minimum order quantity of just 1.

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As befits a handmade product we make it to your requirements. Choose your phrase, layout, size and colours and we will make it. Simple and yours for a lifetime.


An MOQ of only 1...

Whether it's a stock design or something just created for you, the minimum order quantity is just 1.

Lifetime manufacturing guarantee

We are proud of what we make and want you to be. If you are not happy with the quality, now or in the future, simply return it and we will replace it.



We were established as a signmaker in 1894 and remain a family company to this day.  The 1894 range is hand pressed, hand painted and stove enamelled. Each sign, made individually, retains the marks of the artisan who crafted it.


To find out more about how our 1894 Sign Co. range could work for your home or gift store, contact Alison Box on email or telephone 07714 791946.