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Overseas Distributors

We supply to around 18 countries in Europe and Worldwide and are always receptive to discussing new ventures. As a leading specialist in decentralised & digitally printed plates with access to World class raw material manufacturers we are keen to discuss

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Local Requirements

The license plates exist on a car because of the need for a legislatively controlled vehicle identifier. At Jepsons we understand that every country is different and that the solutions needed will therefore need to be bespoke.


As the UK is a very decentralised market for number plates (45,000+ outlets) we developed a specialisation in high quality, economically priced digital print kits which allow significant flexibility when producing a wide range of plate types and sizes.

In addition, and to provide security, we have developed our industry leading networked PlateSync software which allows enforcement authorities to know what plates were printed where and by who even at a national level. These benefits have previously been unheard of within a decentralised license plate market.


To find out more about how we work with overseas distributors, contact us.